How Lovely


This is absolutely one of my favourite moments in the Anne of Green Gables miniseries.

Let me just wax prose…tic about this scene for a moment. Here we have Gilbert Blythe, catching a glimpse of Anne Shirley (who refuses to give him the time of day) and Diana Barry having a chummy moment on the bridge. Gilbert has been… interested in Anne (going by the book timeline) since the moment she broke a slate over his head. Anne, conversely, continues to nurse her wounded pride at having her hair colour insulted, and so treats Gilbert with ‘freezing scorn’.

But in this moment, we can see so much unbridled longing in Gilbert’s face as he watches Anne, blithely (forgive the pun) enjoying a friend’s company. Because he’s completely in love with this girl who is so very different to all the other girls he’s flirted with. And trust me, Gilbert’s been interested in girls before, but not like this. Anne is such a different breed, fiery and impetuous, but with a dreamer’s gaze and the heart of a true romantic (to the point where she can’t quite see what real romance is). And the best part about it is, Gilbert doesn’t want to change Anne. He loves her for exactly who she is.

Throughout their youth, Gilbert challenges Anne, providing opposition worthy of her sharp mind. She grows into an independant woman in part because of Gilbert’s friendship and his encouragement of her dreams and aspirations. He never seeks to place Anne in a subservient role, because he knows that’s not where she belongs. Anne is his equal, and the fact that he waits for her, patiently, while she sheds her prejudice and learns to let go of her wounded pride speaks volumes for his own character. Gilbert doesn’t just wait for Anne, however: he pursues his own goals while allowing Anne’s heart to mature, waiting for her to realise that romance stemming from friendship can be one of the most pure, true things in the world.

And it really doesn’t hurt that he is ‘dead gone’ on Anne from day one.



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